Chinatrust Commercial Bank – Customer Service Number, New Delhi Address, Phone Number

Chinatrust Commercial Bank also known as CTBC Bank is one among the biggest private banks in Taiwan. It was started in the year 1966 and its head quarters are located in Taiwan. The initial name of the bank was China Securities investment Corporation and then name was changed to Chinatrust Investment Company Limited in the year 1971. In the year 1992, the bank name was changed finally to Chinatrust Commercial Bank in the year 1992 and then the name was changed to CTBC Bank Co Ltd. in the year 2013. It had many subsidiaries in many countries like Philippines, United States, Canada, Indonesia. It is the first bank of China that operates its services in both Eastern and Western United States. With increase in globalized market place, the bank faces all the challenges and meets the financial needs of customers in the world. It stands on its word and buildup the client’s wealth. Continue reading →

Bank Of India London Branch – Customer Care Number, Address

In the year 1946, when there was big dawning in India, pioneer of Bank of India took a decision to open a financial bank in foreign country. Bank Of India was established in London in the year 1946 with an idea to satisfy the ever growing needs of customers in London. There were large number of inflow from Uganda, Kenya and African Countries. Keeping this flow in view and to make the financial services available, the branch network was increased to 12 within few years. Then a new branch was opened in the year 1974 in Paris and other branches in some of the countries were also started. Services like Deposits, Interests, Scheduling the Transactions, Remittances etc are offered by the bank to its customers. Based on the need of the customer, they can opt the required service. Continue reading →

Bank Of India Singapore – Customer Care Number, Head Office Address

Bank Of India started its operations in the year 1951 June 4th and holds both the domestic, ACU licenses. It is fully computerized and connected with their customers swiftly accepting SGD payments, receipts. The bank has about 75 staff who are professionals committed to single objective success and satisfaction. It had many years of experience over Trade Finance, Loans, Syndications, Forex Covers, Placements Deposits and many other products. The head office is located in the heart of the central business district in spacious premises. It is located in Serangoon Road and its operations are commenced from 2006 September and the funds are transferred through CBS network all over through 4322 branches. Its emblem is a five pronged star that reflects the personality and philosophy of the bank. Continue reading →

Bank Of Baroda Belgium Branch – Customer Care Number, Address

Bank Of Baroda is Indian bank which started delivering its  financial services in the year 1908 and its head quarters are located in Vadodara, India. In addition its corporate head office is located in Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. It is second largest bank in India after State Bank that offers wide range of financial services and products to many corporate, retail customers. It introduced large number of branches and makes its services available through its subsidiaries and branches all over the world. The bank was listed in Forbes Global 2000 list in the year 2012 and is one among the big four banks in India. It was nationalized in the year 1969 by Government of India and was designated as profit making public sector bank. There are about a network of 4,283 branches and offices all over the world. The loan interest rates provided by the Bank of Baroda is at lower rate when compared to other Banks. Continue reading →

ICICI Bank UK branch – Customer Care Number, Head Office Address, Email Id

ICICI Bank is a private bank company started in India and was incorporated in England in the year 2003, February. It is one of the subsidiaries which was named as ICICI Bank UK Ltd and it became public limited in the year 2006. The registered office of the bank was located in One Thomas More Square and it has 9 locations in UK. It also has branches in Belgium and Germany with quarters million customers using the bank services in UK. It is the first banking sector in Asia that is listed on New York Stock Exchange and it had a network of about 3,500 branches and 11,000 ATMs. There are number of subsidiaries for many countries with representative offices located in UAE, China, Bangladesh, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. ICICI UK had the established branches in Belgium and Germany. The bank looks after 25 million customers introducing the latest services and products for benefits of its customers. Continue reading →

Bank Of Baroda South Africa Branch, Customer Care Number, Address

Bank of Baroda is the second largest bank in India that offers financial services to its customers all over the world. It always introduces new products and services for its customers and makes them available through its subsidiaries and affiliates. Its head quarters are located in Gujarat and in addition its corporate head office is located in Mumbai. It was ranked 715th position in Forbes Global 2000 list. In the year 1961, the bank merged with New Citizen Bank of India which helped to increase the network in Maharashtra. It also acquired Surat Banking Corporation, Gujarat and then it also acquired Umbergaon People’s Bank and Taminadu Central Bank. In the year 1909, the government nationalized 14 top banks and BOB is one among them. It expanded its services all over the world and also established its offices in Dubai, South Africa, Singapore etc. Continue reading →

Bank Of India Cyaman Islands – Customer Care Number, Address

Bank Of India is an Indian bank started in the year 1906 by Vijaya Lakshmi R Lyer and its head quarters are located in Mumbai. The bank was nationalized in the year 1969 and at present it has 4545 branches as on 2013. Among 4545, 54 branches are located in different countries apart from India. It was the first bank in India introduced to serve people of all groups. The bank was incorporated in the year 1906 under Act VI 1882 with a capital of 10 million under 100,000 shares. The leader who promoted the bank was Sir Sassoon and board of directors of the bank was comprised of many members in India. Bank of India was also one among the 14 banks which was nationalized in the year 1969. The bank’s net income on an average is about 24887.1 million Rupees and the Revenue is about 24935 million Rupees.

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Bank of India Nairobi Branch – Customer Care Number, Address, Email Id

Bank of India is a commercial Indian bank which was is nationalized by government in the year 1969. It has 4,545 branches by the year 2013 where 54 branches were located outside India. It concentrates on financial processing and also communication services that include all types of Loan like Student Loans, Agriculture Loans, Business Loans, Online Banking transactions etc. There were many banks that were set up with the same name but located in different locations and the banks that are located under the same name was Bank of India in Delhi which was not present right now. The other bank with this name was Bank of India which was incorporated by London in the year 1836 and the third bank was Bank of India which was started in Mumbai in the year 1906.

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Bank Of India Shangai Branch – Customer Service Number, Address

Bank of India founded in the year 1906 is formed by group of business men from Mumbai. The bank was under the private ownership till 1969 and was then nationalized by Government of India along with many other banks. It started with one office in Mumbai with a capital of 50 lakhs and the initial employees were about 50 people. Then it started to grow very rapidly all over the nation and also continued its international operations. It occupied a premier position among all the nationalized banks and at present the bank has about 4545 branches in India and all these branches are under 50 zonal offices. It has its overseas offices in 22 countries with 56 offices located in these countries under 5 subsidiaries and one joint venture. Continue reading →

Bank Of India Paris Branch – Customer Service Number, Head Office Address

The bank of India is an Indian bank that had more than 100 years of experience and the main vision of the bank is to be as the best choice for corporate, medium business and mass markets, rural markets. Its main mission is to provide superior, excellent baking services providing the cost effective services for all its customers and clients. It strongly stand on its policy and is always caution about introducing the innovative services and systems that include Cash Management Services, Loans, Trade Finance, Kisan Credit Cards, Star SME Liquid Plus, Term Loans etc. With its strong national presence, the bank also satisfies international customers with its operations. Sir David was advisable person till his last breath and he also the chief executive of the bank from 1906 to 1926. Continue reading →