Punjab National Bank Email Ids

Punjab National Bank Email Id are listed below for customers to write their complaints and queries regarding Punjab National Bank Service and send mail to following PNB Complaint email id .

Punjab National Bank Email Id :

Department                                                    Email Id

Board and Secretarial Department           board@pnb.co.in

Co-ordination Division                                  coord@pnb.co.in

Credit Audit & Review Department           hocard@pnb.co.in

Credit Administration                                     cad@pnb.co.in

Credit Policy & Risk Management Division     cprmd@pnb.co.in

Finance Division                                                finance@pnb.co.in

General Services Administration Division      gad@pnb.co.in

Government Business Division                   hogbd@pnb.co.in

HO Accounts & Taxation Department           finho@pnb.co.in

Human Resources Development Division      hrd@pnb.co.in

Industrial Rehabilitation Division            hoird@pnb.co.in

Information Technology Division           itd@pnb.co.in

Inspection & Control Division                  icd@pnb.co.in

Insurance Cell                                                insurance@pnb.co.in

International Banking Division              ibd@pnb.co.in

Inter Office Accounts Division              ioad@pnb.co.in

Law Division                                                 law@pnb.co.in

Management Advisory and Services  Division     pnbmasd@bol.net.in, website@pnb.co.in

Merchant Banking Division               mbd@pnb.co.in

Official Language Department          rajbhasha@pnb.co.in

Oraganization Study Cell                   osc@pnb.co.in

Pension Fund Department                hopfd@pnb.co.in

Printing and Stationary Department            ptgstn@pnb.co.in

Priority Sector & Lead Bank Division          hopslb@pnb.co.in

Protested Advances Divisions                       pad@pnb.co.in

Provident Fund Department                           pf@pnb.co.in

Public Relations & publicity Division          hoprpd@pnb.co.in

Retail Banking Division                            rbd@pnb.co.in

Share Department and IPO                    hosd&ipo@pnb.co.in , hosd@pnb.co.in

Treasury Division                                      treasury@pnb.co.in

Vigilance Department                              vigilance@pnb.co.in

CVO(Chief Vigilance Officer)                 cvo@pnb.co.in

ITC Faridabad                                             itcentre@pnb.co.in

Online Share Trading                              depositoryho@pnb.co.in

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