IDBI Bank Customer Care Numbers

The following is the list of IDBI Bank Phone Banking /  Customer Care Numbers all over India.

Ahmedabad                              26427000
Ajmer(via Jaipur)                    9828067000/67001
Amritsar(via Chandigarh)      9872017000
Bangalore                                  22297000
Baroda                                       2327000
Bhavnagar                                9579-26427000
Bhilai                                         95771-2237000
Bhopal                                       2677000
Chandigarh                               5017000
Chennai                                     24301800
Coimbatore                               2216666
Faridabad                                 91  – 23627000.

Ghaziabad                                91 – 23627000
Gurgaon                                   91 – 23627000
Hyderabad                               23227000
Indore                                       2517000
Jaipur                                        5106888
Jalandhar                                 95172 – 5017000
Jamshedpur                            2430795
Jodhpur (via Jaipur)              9828070000
Jabalpur (via Bhopal)            95255-2677000
Kanpur                                     95522-2288000
Khardah                                   22437000
Kishangarh                              9828070000
Kolkata                                     22437000
Konnagore                               22437000
Lucknow                                  2288000
Ludhiana                                  95172 – 5017000
Madurai (via Coimbatore)    95422-2216666
Mhow                                       95731 -2517000
Mohali                                      5017000
Mumbai                                   66937000
Nagpur                                    98226 07000
Navsari                                   95265 – 2327000
New Delhi                               23627000
Panchkula                               5017000
Panvel                                     66937000
Patiala                                     95172 – 5017000
Phagwara                               95172 – 5017000
Pithampur                              95731 – 2517000
Pune                                        66027000
Raipur                                     2237000
Ranchi                                     95657 – 2430795
Surat                                       95265 – 2327000
Taloja                                      66937000
Udaipur (via Jaipur)            9828070000
Ujjain (via Indore)                95731 – 2517000
V V Nagar                              915 – 2327000

Following is the list of IDBI Phone Banking Services

Account Related Services

Updated balance enquiry (including balance in clearing)
Balance as on date
Last five transactions
Statement of account by fax, e-mail or post
Request for cheque book
Hotlisting of ATM or Debit Cards
Status of cheques issued or deposited
Funds in clearing
Bill payment details*
Funds transfer – between your own accounts and to your registered EFT payees account*
Dial-a-draft* (available during office hours)
Stop payment of cheques*
Open a fixed deposit by debit to your account* (available during office hours)
Renewal instructions on your existing fixed deposit* (available during office hours)
Report loss of cheque book
Advise ATM card loss

Demat Account Related Services
Details of your Demat Accounts
Holding details in ascending or descending order
Holding statement by fax, mail or email
Last five transactions
Transactions statement by fax, mail or email
Billing details
Billing details by fax, mail or email

Information About Your Loan Accounts#
Last five transactions
Request for Account Statement
Request for provisional certificate

Product Information
Foreign exchange rates
Deposit rates
NRE and FCNR interest rates
Deposit rates by fax

Other Services
Change of TIN (telephone identification number)
General information about the Bank
Call transfer to officer on request during office hours
Voice mail facility .

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#1 o.p. dharmsalani on 10.25.07 at 1:32 pm

We await the original documents to the title to the prpoerty (IDBI bank), Loan repaid.

#2 o.p. dharmsalani on 10.25.07 at 1:34 pm

await documents. IDBI Bank

#3 ajay kumar srichandan on 07.15.09 at 1:56 pm

sir i have mis my enternet password iam mail to nisha patle coustamarcare office but my password not delivery pleasae snd my password

#4 Dr Vijay Prakash Katta on 08.26.09 at 3:22 pm

Dear Sir,
I have DEMAT Account with your Jodhpur Branch and the details are as under:
Client ID 10912602
The account is in operation since the begining of this branch.
Now I am being charged by Rs. 30.00 for every transactions which is too much because I am a small trader/investor and in past never charged such big amount. The Karvy is charging only 0.25%.
In case such huge charges will be charged than I will have no option than to switch over either another bank or to another stock broker.

#5 ARJUN on 10.05.09 at 7:26 pm


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